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To all of our Hip-Hope Family, including our Kids, community partners, volunteers, sponsors, mentors, schools and caregivers, please do whatever it takes to "counter corona". Stay updated on the latest information about the pandemic, stay safe and stay healthy. If you have any Hopeful tips or information that our family needs to know please share on our FORUM page. Thanks
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Health, Opportunity, Prosperity, Edutainment

Julia Roland, Visual Artist

Hip-Hope Inc. is proud of all our kids. Each and every one is very special and unique in their own way and we are dedicated to supporting our kids as they strive to make their passions their priorities until they reach their promise. Julia exemplifies the values and Hopes that we have for every youth that we engage. Fortunately, Julia has recognized her passion at a young age. You can experience her art at many Hip-Hope events and on Instagram at j.r.art_. Julia exceeds in various disciplines while sharing her infectious smile, even in the most challenging times. We have commissioned Julia several times, not just because her art is AMAZING, but because she is one of ours. She has been instrumental in helping us express our gratitude to some of the most impactful people in our community, and we Hope to continue well into the future with Julia’s signature art. Julia is proof that we can promote Hope through arts and culture. She’s done it time and time again, and for this reason, we feel it prudent to recognize her in our debut Hip-Hope Highlight. Stay tuned as we continue to share our success stories.

Julia's accomplishments include:

  • 3.92 GPA Airman First Class and Color Guard In Civil Air Patrol, US Air Force Auxiliary

  • National Art Honor Society; nominated for National Honor Society

  • Beta Club

  • Top Teens of America, Savannah Chapter

  • Key Club, Kiwanis International

  • 2 time competitor at Georgia HS State Track Competition

  • Gold and Silver Key Awards for drawing and sculpture from Arts & Drawing Scholarship

  • Commissioned artists for Hip Hope, Taste of the Junction, and SCCPS, others

  • Youth usher at Tremont Temple MB Church

Hip-Hope Inc. Recent Media Coverage:

Saturday 3/7/20

We Are Iowa Channel 5 News (Article and (2) Videos)


"Many Shades of Colour" Friday 3/6/20

Iowa Live


Des Moines Register


"Party Hearty For NAMI" on We Are Iowa 2/14/20


#KidsLivesMatter 'Funraiser' Challenge 2019


Iowa Live

What's Happening: Hip Hope. By: Jessica Thomas. Posted: Mar 01, 2019 10:25 AM CST.


Win for All: Hip-Hope

By: Jessica Flinn / Posted: Feb 07, 2018 09:25 AM CST


Student Witnesses Say Downtown Fight Was Bound to Happen



Drake University Hosts Second Young Men of Color Conference ...


Oct 28, 2017 - DES MOINES, Iowa -- Saturday marks the second year of the Young Men of Color Conference at Drake University. ... You have viable options, you have resources at your disposal, and if you choose to employ those resources, you will be a boss," said Bo James, executive director of Hip-Hope Inc.

Greater Des Moines Community Prayer and Potluck

▶ 0:48


Sep 10, 2017

The non-profit Hip Hope organized a community get-together and a donation to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey: Iowa gathering collects donations for storm victims


Sep 9, 2017 - Community group Hip Hope used annual Prayer and Potluck event to donate to victims of Hurricane Harvey

Hip Hope brings hip hop artist Silentó to Des Moines to motivate youth


May 28, 2017 - Hip Hope works to offer youth positive alternatives to engaging with crime.

Two non-profits join forces to help youth of central Iowa


Mar 25, 2017 - Hip-Hope wants to be the ones to do that." James, a graduate of Des Moines East High School, said Hip-Hope Inc. is working on a project titled #KidsLivesMatter to develop and empower the youth of Des Moines. He wants the kids he works with to take accountability and responsibility in the classroom, ...

Hip Hop Artist Silentó Promotes Attendance at Metro Schools | whotv ...


May 26, 2017 - IOWA -- Feeling in the mood to "whip" or "nae nae?" It may be because Silentó, the artist behind the viral song and dance, was in town. Besides being a recording artist, Silentó is part of Kids Lives Matter, a group aimed at getting kids more involved in their communities

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