Hip-Hope Inc. is excited to announce that we have been rewarded with the opportunity to participate in the “Doing More In The Core” initiative with our “Beat The Heat” program for the 3rd year in a row. Thanks to the Greater Des Moines Community Foundation, United Way and the African American Leadership Forum we can offer opportunities to the under privileged and under served residents on the east side of Des Moines. “Beat The Heat” responds to a significant need within the city’s urban core for youth centered activities that offer diversion from unhealthy and damaging behaviors. The initiative offers youth and their families a safe and entertaining space to enjoy and explore Iowa Arts & Culture.

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Many Shades of Colour Young Women’s Conference, a program under Hip-Hope Inc., brings young women between 6th through 12th grade along with mentors and community leaders together to help celebrate and empower our young women. This conference was designed to intentionally address the issues hindering young women’s academic, social, psychological, and economical success. We provide presentations and interactive workshops, facilitated by accomplished women leaders in the community,educators, and corporate professionals, focusing on topics such as health, leadership, team

building, academic achievement, self-worth, financial responsibility, goal setting, cultural competency/awareness, emotional intelligence and obligations of citizenship.

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According to all academic, social and financial statistics throughout the nation Young Men Of Color face the greatest challenges. It is a fact that they are in a state of crisis. Media confirms that powers and principalities of society prey on their vulnerabilities. Recently Des Moines has been recognized as the worst place to live for blacks based off of incarceration, financial and other social factors. A Greater Des Moines Conference For Young Men Of Color is a rites of passage event for Middle School and High School Young Men Of Color that intentionally mobilizes fathers, mentors, dignitaries, corporate, academic and social service professionals. Together we address challenges, seek solutions and empower the Young Men with information and resources to counter cultures and systems hindering them for achieving optimal success.  

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#KLM is a youth empowerment campaign that invites kids to fulfill an affirmation pledge through a series of challenges that takes place between January 1 and July. Through this project Hip-Hope intentionally mobilizes “Community Partners”, who are community leaders, local businesses, outreach organizations, medical professionals, law enforcement, academic institutions local and national celebrities. Together we introduce health, education and safety solutions to Kids k-12 and their families. By producing audio and visual contents that raises awareness of challenges threatening Kids' health education and safety, facilitating educational workshops and hosting fun community events with the Kids #KLM bridges the gap between Kids and community.