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“It’s About Time!” Many of the issues that Young Men Of Color face today are outdated, and many of the approaches that address said issues are antiquated, therefore resolution is overdue.  It's about time that Hip and contemporary solutions are presented, supported and executed. Not only that, it is imperative that Young Men Of Color learn the value of time, how to manage time and how to leverage time in order to achieve success in a timely manner, since most of their circumstances demand urgent response. GDMC4YMC 2021‘s programming will focus on time management, leveraging time and achieving short term goals that set up long term success.

​-Bo James / Hip-Hope Inc. - Founder/Executive Director

A GREATER DES MOINES CONFERENCE FOR YOUNG MEN OF COLOR, “Win Win Win… It's about time!” Des Moines is greater when Young Men Of Color are maximizing their interests, skills, strengths and TIME.  2021 marks Hip-Hope’s 6th year of mobilizing mentors, dignitaries, educators, caregivers, corporations, organizations and institutions around 200+ middle and high school Young Men Of Color. Our perpetual purpose is to improve academic disparities and social inequities by equipping society’s most challenged population with Win, Win, Win support, opportunities and guidance towards achieving a privileged quality of life.


2021’s Conference will be held both virtually and in person, due to covid concerns. Date, time and location are Saturday, October 30th, 9am-4pm at Franklin Junior High School, 4801 Franklin Ave, Des Moines, IA. It will consist of keynote speakers, special guests, workshops, acknowledgement ceremony, live performances and presentations by the youth. Continental breakfast and lunch will be served. Participants will also be exposed to programs services scholarships and other or empowerment opportunities.  Each participant will walk away with “Win, Win, Win Resource Toolkits” that they can keep as handy references to invaluable solutions to their overwhelming challenges.


GDMC4YMC 2021‘s goals are to INFORM all participants of the current social and academic status concerning YMOC’s health, education and safety, ILLUSTRATE how time can be productivity utilized to counter social and academic challenges helping them CREATE empowerment tools within a relatively short period of time,  CULTIVATE counter-pipelines by identifying and engaging participants in relevant areas of interests and strengths, CELEBRATE YMOC’s talents and accomplishment, EMPOWER all participants during and after the conference with tools to help improve their health, education and safety through time management, COORDINATE with community stakeholders, ACKNOWLEDGE Community Champions who advocate to make Greater Des Moines Greater for Young Men Of Color.

We asked State Representative Ako Abdul-Samad to deliver words of wisdom to Young Men Of Color from across the nation. He showed up, he motivated, he charged, he inspired and most of all he empowered. Now more Young Men Of Color have saving accounts, are reading, are writing, are sharing their culture, are volunteering and respecting women. Thank you Ako Abdul-Samad. What you do matters because it gives us Hope. "When Hope Happens we are together. When Hope Happens we are better."
-2020 Sponsors-
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