Hip-Hope's programs include but are not limited to arts and culture, production, expression, social development, conflict resolution, gang intervention, life skills, critical thinking, mentoring community engagement and career readiness.

Our specific target is high-risk youth who have one or both parents incarcerated and/or who are in the foster care system; have experienced trauma; known to be involved in violent or gang activity; already have juvenile justice system involvement and struggling academically or a drop out risk. We assess their needs through traditional assessments as well as from their artistic works. Then we begin addressing their needs through our programs that provide the essential skills high risk youth need to overcome challenges that hinder successful development.



is our mentoring program designed to encourage creativity, cooperation, team work and social engagement through a variety of projects requiring emotional intelligence, focus and problem solving skills. “Cool Krew” promotes academic and social excellence. 



is a writing lab designed to help young writers develop skills in short fiction, creative non- fiction, screenwriting, playwriting, poetry, and magazine writing. This program provides an introduction to a variety of genres such as poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, magazine writing, and drama.

Perform Well: Youth Education in Arts & Culture

This initiative will utilize arts and culture to assess and address the challenges that our youth, 6-18 years old, must overcome to develop successfully. Through a series of programs, over a six month period, we will develop their social, economic, academic, cognitive and life skills through education, expression and social engagement. We plan to incentivize the youth through rewards programs that include, but are not limited to stipends, vouchers and scholarships giving us opportunity to introduce them to positive financial habits as well. The purpose of this project is to encourage and equip youth to "Perform Well" in all aspects of their lives. Our vision is a safer and more vibrant community with confident and competent youth contributing to the success of Iowa's culture.


In an effort to get "high risk" youth who pose a threat to society at -large and themsemselves off the streets, reduce teen violence and gang activity throughout our community we propose a leadership / job training, life skills development and mentoring program for “high risk” youth. The strategy is to distract and redirect troubled youth’s energies into positive projects that they’ve expressed interest in, which are arts, music and culture.

Our “high risk” youth have been showing symptoms of hopelessness that has created alarming concern. These youth have requested resources, opportunities and access to what they believe will give them hope. By allowing them to express themselves through arts and culture we will open up a line of communication with the youth that will give us psychological insight into Des Moines’ “high risk” youth. We want to provide them with the means to create, escape and, most of all, preoccupy themselves while learning a trade, earning money and earning academic credits. Our facilities will serve as a controlled, monitored environment that will provide invaluable resources to those who long to get a grasp on what motivates our troubled youth in Des Moines, Iowa.

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is Hip-Hope's unique financial literacy program focused on financial development as well as financial management. In this program we teach underprivileged / over-challenged youth the law of water and banking systems; help establish savings and checking accounts; help develop multiple revenue streams; provide information, resources and tools to develop sustainable and perpetual funding streams.