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Hip-Hope's innovative programming is a dynamic force that empowers underprivileged/over-challenged youth by addressing survival mode in a "hip" and relevant manner. By seamlessly blending arts, culture, and mentorship, our initiatives create a space where young individuals not only confront but conquer challenges with style and resilience. Through programs like "COOL KREW," we meet youth where they are, providing a supportive environment to assess their "cool" factor before guiding them toward targeted programming. This approach ensures that our youth, often navigating survival mode, are not merely participants but active architects of their destinies. The rhythm and harmony of "MUSIC SAVES" amplifies youthful voices, and is a testament to Hip-Hope's commitment to unlocking potential in a way that resonates with the energy and spirit of the youth we serve. "HU$TLENOMICS" brings financial literacy to life, transforming the mundane into an exciting journey of empowerment. With every keystroke in "Executive M.O.L.D.," we are instilling coping skills, resilience, and a mindset that transcends survival mode, propelling youth toward a future where they not only survive but thrive in a manner that is authentically "hip." Our programs are a Win Win Win fostering innovation and imagination, encouraging a mindset that breaks through limitations, transforming survival mode into a launchpad for boundless possibilities.

Hip Hope, Inc is a program partner with Iowa MENTOR.

Iowa MENTOR promotes, supports, and builds quality mentoring relationships by elevating the capacity of programs, systems, and policies that foster proven results for Iowa. Iowa MENTOR is a proud affiliate of MENTOR National.  Iowa MENTOR partners with mentoring programs across the state to encourage their vision where every young person has the supportive, caring adult relationship needed to grow and develop into thriving, productive, and engaged adults.


(In partnership with Mentor Iowa)


Empowers Youth through welcoming and belonging. "Cool Krew" serves as our general intake program that allows us to meet underprivileged/over-challenged Youth where they're at, and assess their "cool" before placing them in targeted programming. It's our group mentoring program designed to encourage creativity, cooperation, team work and social engagement through a variety of fun experiences.


Key Skills: Coping skills, Life skills, Social Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Emotional Intelligence

Capstones: All Projects

(In partnership with Bravo Greater Des Moines Altoona, Ankeny, Bondurant, Carlisle, Clive, Des Moines, Grimes, Indianola, Johnston, Norwalk, Pleasant Hill, Polk City, Polk County, Urbandale, Waukee, West Des Moines, Windsor Heights since 2021)

Empowers Youth by amplifying all expressions of Youthful voices. "Music Saves" includes mini-projects that include but are not limited to audio, video and print art compositions. The program concludes with a capstone project that invites all community stakeholders to participate in an event that promotes H.O.P.E.(Health, Opportunity and Prosperity through Edutainment) 

Program Benefits:

Learn a trade, and  earn money while receiving psychological therapy through arts and culture. Enjoy the benefits of traveling, exploring options, gathering resources and gaining access to the tools needed to fulfill your vision of success.

Key Skills: Coping Skills, Artist Development, Creative Arts Production, Workforce Development, Leadership, Digital Literacy, Financial Literacy, Marketing, Sales, and Event Planning 

Capstone: "Corn Bred Cornbread Festival"

Hustlnomics BIG 4 Site copy.jpg
(In partnership with Wells Fargo)

Empowers through financial literacy. HU$TLENOMICS is a unique financial literacy program focused on financial development as well as financial management. In this program we teach underprivileged / over-challenged youth the banking systems; help establish savings and checking accounts; help develop multiple revenue streams; provide information, resources and tools to develop sustainable and perpetual funding streams.

Key Skills: Coping Skills, Financial Literacy, Life Skills, Social and Emotional Intelligence
Capstone: "Corn Bred Cornbread Festival"
Executive MOLD Symbol.png
Executive M.O.L.D.
(In partnership with Microsoft)

Empowers Youth with privileged access and opportunities to explore, qualify and certify themselves in careers that align with their talents and passions. "Executive M.O.L.D." (Microsoft Office Leadership Development), Develops essential work skills needed for top level aspirations. It addresses equity and disparities.

Key Skills: Coping Skills, Workforce Development, Digital Literacy, Life Skills, Corporate Etiquette, Professional Habits, Leadership Skills, Critical thinking
All Projects
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