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The Executive M.O.L.D. Program is designed to equip middle and high school aged Young Men Of Color with information, skills, and experiences essential to achieving higher placement in the 21st century global workforce.  Over a two month period, Young Men Of Color will learn to leverage knowledge and understanding of digital technology, corporate leadership culture, critical thinking, problem solving, social etiquette, and communication skills as they develop their own pathways to success. 




Executive M.O.L.D. To mold Young Men Of Color into Executives with specialized skills that include fluency in Microsoft Office Suite applications. 




  • To help participants build workforce development skills

  • To improve digital literacy and participation in digital work spaces.

  • To provide opportunities to develop “Executive Soft Skills” such as critical thinking and problem solving, personal growth and development, social etiquette, communication and leadership skills.

  • To tie social service to personal growth and development

  • To encourage confidence and pursuits of opportunities relevant to career goals



With the collaboration of facilitators, guest presenters, trainers, and special outings, the Executive Microsoft Office Leadership Development Program will explore topics including but not limited to:

The 21st Century Workplace


Financial Literacy

Developing World Views

Conflict Management

Nutrition and Wellness

Public Speaking

Social Etiquette

Mental Health/Self Care

Code Switching

Career Planning


Your Digital Footprint


Coding/Web Design

Microsoft Office Suite Certification (Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, Outlook)