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Since 2013 Hip-Hope Inc hosted "Beat the Heat" with the help of sponsors like African American Forum, Greater Des Moines Community Foundation, United Way, Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Iowa Department of Health Office of Minority and Multicultural Health, Hy-Vee, Coca Cola and many talented volunteers at M.L. KING Park 1650 Garfield Avenue on Des Moines, Iowa's East Side.

The program included dancing, music, poetry and visual arts and has served over 400 kids and their families with entertainment, food, and inspiration. It was a blast. Hope you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed making it.

"Love beats hatred and violence, knowledge and wisdom beats ignorance, appreciation beats disrespect, celebration beats sadness and depression, motivation beats stagnation, prosperity beats poverty,  order beats chaos, justice beats injustice and hope beats hopelessness. So love, learn, appreciate, celebrate, be motivated to prosper, do everything decent and in order and demand justice... BEAT THE HEAT!" 


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