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In the wake of so many unfortunate incidents in the community, including shootings, murders, people experiencing loss through health and being economically and socially crippled by financial and social issues we are humbled to look towards the hills which cometh our help.


We recognize that prayer changes things for good. We recognize also that where two or more are touching and agreeing the only one true healer and the one that brings peace is in the midst. So in the spirit of Faith, Healing, Peace, Love and Unity we propose a “Community Prayer and Potluck”.

This year we are taking the gospel downtown to Western Gateway Park Lawns. We are excited to be in close proximity to pray for and feed Des Moines’ homeless this year. It will be next Saturday, September 8, 2018 from 3p-7p. We Hope to see the community show out as they have done so many times before in the face of hopelessness.


If you are interested in joining in this volunteer effort please contact us at or Valerie James (Chaplain) at  515-778-2048.  

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