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Hip-Hope Inc. is excited about hosting "#KidsLivesMatter 'Funraiser' Challenge". We are bridging the gap between Kids and Community.
It's about giving Kids' power over their health, education and safety through arts, culture and expression. The Kids are rising to the challenge to be more responsible, more respectful and to do better in school. 
Accept the challenge Support the Kids! 





Hip-Hope Inc. is excited to announce is partnership with Spotligh Innovation Inc.!

Spotlight Innovation Inc. (OTCQB: STLT), a pharmaceutical company targeting rare, emerging and neglected diseases, today announced that the Company has entered into a multi-year sponsorship agreement with Des Moines, IA-based Hip-Hope Inc., an organization dedicated to utilizing arts and culture to promote, advocate and support hope for at-risk youth wherever symptoms of hopelessness are prevalent.

“While our two organizations may appear different on the surface, the work of both Hip-Hope and Spotlight Innovation is laser focused on addressing unmet needs,”said John Krohn, Spotlight Innovation’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Whether it’s providing programs to keep kids safe and poised for success, or developing treatments for rare diseases that affect children, together we have the potential to enrich and save lives.“


Bo James, Founder and Executive Director of Hip-Hope said, "All of our kids are at risk and exhibit symptoms of hopelessness, underprivileged and affluent alike. Some are in the foster care system,have experienced trauma, bouts with depression and suicidal thoughts. Many have been engaged in violent activities, are struggling academically and have considered dropping out of school.In some cases, our kids have one or both parents incarcerated, and drug addiction is prevalent in their households.”


James continued, saying, “We have a mantra, 'Hope Says Nope to Dope', and that's one reason we're so excited to partner with Spotlight Innovation. Like us, they have a passion for improving the lives of children and recognize that drug addiction has wide-spread implications for families and communities. The growing concern of prescription drug misuse lead them to develop their non-addictive pain relief product, Venodol®.”


As part of the partnership, Spotlight Innovation is the title sponsor for Hip-Hope’s 2018 “#kidslivesmatterFUNraiser Challenge” to be held August 9, 2018, at the Skate North in Des Moines, IA. The annual event is a youth empowerment campaign designed to build kids’ character, physical health, and self-esteem.

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