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High School Workshops : Blue Text

Middle School Workshops: Maroon Text


To see confident young women valuing themselves as equal contributors to society overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of their success


Stimulate, Activate and Engage

To provide tools and resources that encourage girls, and women to actualize their potential making the impossible, possible so they can begin to create change in their community


Seek to encourage young women to be the best them they can be while being the trailblazer who creates paths for success

We intentionally address the issues hindering young women from academic, social, psychological, and economical success


Selling yourself, presenting yourself in a professional manner, how to effectively utilize your network 



Address academic achievement and excellence in an academic setting



Target confidence, self-esteem, self-love

Financially: Address workplace 

disparities, managing finances and leveraging your network, Love yourself, Set Goals, 

Surround yourself with positive people 


Be Approachable:

• Body Language

• Appearance

• Communication


Facilitator: Bridget Cravens-Neely– High School

Title: Leadership is a Journey, not a destination.

Description: Leaders learn. Leaders teach. Leaders never stop doing both. This workshop will focus on the practical lessons in leadership and how to apply them in various circumstances. Everyone will develop their own, self-defined leadership roadmap during this workshop


Facilitators: Council Woman, Raquishia Harrington

Title: The Leader Within!

Description: Are you a natural leader, or do you tend to take a back seat? Learn how can you lead others and be a contributing team player from any role.  Discover new ways to accomplish personal goals with achievable steps and ways to cope when things don’t go according to plan. How will your mindset change when you are faced with uncertainty or failure? Most importantly, how will you use your personal story as inspiration for others. Take a journey and build a new sense of perseverance and “grit” for sticking with your goals!


Facilitator: Debra A. Carr, LMSW, ACSW, CFS

Title: Sister-Nomics - “SheBee" Chosen


Description: “SheBee” Chosen is a financial empowerment workshop uniquely designed for young sisters of colour who desire to take control of their financial future. Participants will deepen their knowledge of self and social awareness and learn how developing the “right mindset,” is “key,” in choosing intentional actions that lead to wealth-building and long-term financial success.

Participants will learn how to do the following:

  1. Develop the “Why,” - Identify their Purpose

  2. Write their vision & learn positive affirmations

  3. Document strategies for aligning intentional actions to achieve their purpose and vision

  4. Design a personal financial goal using the SMART Goal process and learn strategies for measuring and monitoring their actions

  5. Youth will identify an accountability partner to work with over the next 6 months and as needed to expand their actions to achieve their desired goals.


Facilitator: Athene- Presented by Jered Bane

Title: The Importance of Understanding Finances

Description: This session will focus on the fundamentals of financial management, how to plan and be responsible for the future.


Facilitator: Dr. Kimberly Wayne

Title: Do something big...STEM that is...

Description: The power of knowing gets you one step ahead of your peers through career exploration as early as possible.  During this workshop session, we will explore different STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) careers that you may never hear of, share out with others and talk about the next steps to pursue more information.

Facilitator: Tina Turner

Title: The Business of Styling and Beauty 4.0

Description: The business side is an overlooked yet key component in the career of a successful stylist or barber. Are you currently in the kitchen servicing hairstyles or cuts while in school? In this class we will discuss How you can make 4 figure income a month. Money and time management. Barber and salon owner ship. When and how to expand. Pros and cons of booth rental, commission, and hourly pay. How to negotiate a lease. Demographic of clients and location. How to build a team.
Pros and cons of studio suites and salon space. All of this and much more to prepare you for being an entrepreneur while you’re in school and after.



Facilitator: Des Moines Alumnae Chapter Presents

Title: “I Matter In My Community,” Expanding Social Awareness Through Community Engagement

Description: Young women are busy working out who they are and where they fit in the world. Being involved in community activities can give young women a positive way of beginning to understand herself and knowing more about the world that surrounds her.

Being involved in community activities can also give young people a sense of belonging in their local community. Community involvement can help young women to make new friends and build life-long connections while also learning more about the sisterhood and impact of Delta Sigma Theta within the local chapter area while also learning about the impact of the organization throughout the world.

Learning Goal: Young women enhance their social awareness and know how to apply new knowledge, skill, and behaviors to help build their community.


  • I know what community engagement means and can identify (3) ways I can make a difference in my community.

  • I understand how economic, physical, and mental health, education, international awareness and involvement and political awareness helps strengthen my community.

  • I can apply the skills gained from this workshop and identify at least one new connection for building my network.

Facilitator: Emani DuBoise

Title: Water Your Community with Y.O.U

Description: This workshop will aid middle school girls in understanding the importance of “watering” and serving their community in a capacity that is unique to them. We will explore how our community has specific needs that we are chosen and destined to meet, because they align with our passions and interest. The Water Your Community with Y.O.U. workshop is structured using the "Y.O.U" acronym which stands for Young, Organized and Unique.

Participants will: (Young) Learn to debunk the idea of being “too young” to lead and serve. There is power in their youth that brings new voices and ideas to community organizing.
(Organized) Learn how to effectively organize and plan an event that serves a need in their perspective communities.
(Unique) Learn how to execute their event in a way that is unique to them (ie. Supply drive, social media fundraiser, TikTok awareness challenge, etc.)

Facilitators: Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield - Kayla Boots, Kathryn Espe, Janice Lintz

Title: Choosing and being chosen by the RIGHT community

Description: There are many types of communities and being an active part of them can increase your chances of success. Whether it’s being a part of a sports community, the business community, church community, a social community, or other, communities becoming part of one doesn’t just happen. Whether you’re chosen by a community or you choose a community, how you show up, what you do and the reputation you create will impact your being chosen.

 In this interactive workshop, you will learn:

·        How to evaluate your readiness to become a part of the right community

·        Important tips on how you can prepare to be part of the right community

·        How to identify, assess and select your right community

·        How to understand the differences between communities and how they impact your behavior

·        How you can create a community and some key components for its success


Facilitator: Victoria Knight

Title: My Emotions Won’t Stop Me from Being Chosen

Description: We can use our emotions to help us live in the moment. Being in tune with our emotions is one thing, how we allow our emotions to show up is another.


Facilitator: Traci Daniels

Title: Catching Feelings

Description: The highs and lows and everything in between concerning the emotional journey of a young woman


Facilitator: Matoya Woods, Willow Johnson 

Title: Be Careful little eyes what you see! I control what I Consume.

Description: As social media platforms continue to evolve and new platforms are created, our younger generation continues to be plagued by the emotional toll of comparison. Recently, Meta (Facebook) had shocking data released regarding research performed on the impacts of social media on teenagers’ mental health. It was revealed that the Social Media giant was aware of the startling statistics for mental health impacts to our youth. In fact, the company hid the research and did absolutely nothing with the data. Meanwhile, teenagers experienced bullying, suicide, criminal activity and fell prey to predators with no willing intervention in sight.
The research revealed that many teenagers experienced problems with depression, socialization, negative body image, social comparisons, loneliness, family stress, break ups and the list go on. The research was said to be designed to inform internal conversation on users’ perceptions of themselves and of Instagram. The company mischaracterized its internal research on Instagram on teenagers and well-being.
The goal of this workshop is to provide the following:
• Discuss high level results of the research.
• Have open and candid discussions on what the information means to the workshop participant.
• Provide visual examples of body image comparison, success comparison, home life comparison and fake social media personas.
• Provide tips for maintaining emotional and physical well-being
• Hands on exercise: How I see me and discovering my self- conversation. (Be careful little eyes what you see)
• Wrap up with creating some statements that affirm our control over our well being
• Provide professional resources for assistance



Facilitator: Katrina Harden-Williams

Title: Chosen For Such A Time As This…

Description: So we can all recall the Grammy 2021 performance of Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B. FCC-Federal Communications Commission received over 1000 complaints! I probably gave a few myself that night as I sat in the comfort of my home. I decided to start watching Megan Thee Stallion with an educator’s lens and wondered who in the world are the female learners in my classroom- my sphere of influence trying to be like THAT! I am grateful for the opportunity to help YOU, THE MENTOR see the young women of colour who are CHOSEN for such a time as THIS! In complete transparency Auntie Maxine Waters, beloved congresswoman saw IT in Megan THE Stallion too! Then there is always the praying grandmother for the 25 year old who insisted that she utilize her education. Texas Southern University introduced us to Megan THEE Scholar in December 2021! Oh it’s gets better and better…Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee states that we now have Megan Thee Humanitarian who has chosen to “take care of the city that has taken care of her”! If we dare to see the young woman of colour beyond what life’s circumstances has presented to us on the specific platforms-community, church, schools, clubs, and other settings- we can see them as CHOSEN for such a time as this to assist us in the furtherance of the call to serve!