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To see confident young women valuing themselves as equal contributors to society overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of their success


Stimulate, Activate and Engage

To provide tools and resources that encourage girls, and women to actualize their potential making the impossible, possible so they can begin to create change in their community


Seek to encourage young women to be the best them they can be while being the trailblazer who creates paths for success

We intentionally address the issues hindering young women from academic, social, psychological, and economical success


Selling yourself, presenting yourself in a professional manner, how to effectively utilize your network 



Address academic achievement and excellence in an academic setting



Target confidence, self-esteem, self-love

Financially: Address workplace 

disparities, managing finances and leveraging your network, Love yourself, Set Goals, 

Surround yourself with positive people 


Be Approachable:

• Body Language

• Appearance

• Communication


Facilitator: Dawn Martin-Oropeza and Jennifer Cardenas-Hernandez- High School

Title: Uplifting Leadership and Voices of Women of Color

Description: This workshop will uplift leadership and voices of women of color by Latinx student leaders. The workshop will ensure leaders of today are ready to meet the challenges of the moment. The program will inspire, inform, and impact new leaders building capacity to become effective stewards of the community’s future.


Facilitators: Heather Jones- Brown and Baranca Pankey- Middle School

Title: Sharpen Your Own Leadership Skills with Baranaca and Heather

Description: This workshop will be ready for a fun filled session of socializing, listening and applying skills to any new leadership challenge. You will leave with a bigger, more purposeful and more confident outlook on the world around you. Come with a curious mind and the willingness to explore your own skills so that we can take you from where you are to the next level!


Facilitator: Paula Bell and TeAsia Manual- High School

Title: You're the BOSS!

Description: There are many paths you can take in your life to be financially sound, and one way is to work for yourself.  Be your own BOSS!  You may have a side hustle already, and who knows where that side hustle can take you in your life, but it is important to understand how to effectively create, plan, execute and maintain your business.  Or maybe you have a business idea and don't know where to start?  No matter what scenario you may be in, this interactive workshop will help you start thinking with a business owner mindset to successfully be YOUR OWN BOSS!  So, come on this journey with us because, "YOU'RE THE BOSS!

               In this session you will go on a journey to:

  • Determine what business idea you have and WHY that business idea is important to you

  • Determine what products/services you want to advertise

  • Determine who your customers are

  • Determine how to market your business to those customers, as well as, the brand you want to portray

  • Learn the importance of time management and goal setting


Facilitator: Lynette Jordan and Aria Burnside- Middle School

Title: Fun Financial Education for Middle Schoolers

Description: This course will teach students the basics of money. It will teach them how to make decisions about money and the consequences of their decisions.


Facilitator: Emani Duboise- Neely and Keziah Long- High School

Title: Lock In!

Description: You have to be locked in with something to achieve a good outcome. It’s all about understanding your strengths (and even your weaknesses), learning what works for you, and adjusting your crown along the way.

This workshop will guide high school girls through defining their “why” and give them tools for academic success that could be applied to school and beyond.

Facilitator: Dr. Kimberly Wayne- Middle School, LeVaigh Wilborn- Middle School, Carissa Danne and Lauren Dragon

Title: STEM that is...

Description: The power of knowing gets you one step ahead of your peers through career exploration as early as possible.  During this workshop session, we will explore different STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) careers that you may never hear of, share out with others and talk about the next steps to pursue more information.



Facilitator: Weslyn Caldwell - High School

Title: Here to Help!

Description: Community engagement, service learning, volunteering...many different names but the same goal! The goal of fulfilling a need should be one for every individual.  Donating money is good, but there is always work to be done.  We will learn about the things to consider when deciding where to go, what to do, and how to ensure that our skills align with our passions.   

Facilitator: Lindsey White- Middle School

Title: Sister Circles : Coming Together & Giving Back

Description: Join Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated members as they deliver an interactive, engaging, and empowering session on the importance and joy in giving back to the community. Attendees will leave with the following

- Historical view of the impact of women and girls giving back to the community

- Personal vision statement for community engagement

- Resources to find your “why”


Facilitator: Victoria Knight and Naomi Thames- High School

Title: Pushing Buttons

Description: Walking through the different presentations of emotions and understanding their reason.


Facilitator: Dr. Anissa Roland and Victoria Williams- Middle School

Title: Your Life, Your Boundaries

Description: Young women need to recognize they have power to voice and control the way they interact with others and are treated and cared for by others. This workshop will teach young women how to set boundaries, keep them in place, and how to empower themselves with those boundaries. Through activities and role play, they will practice adjusting their crown by setting and articulating their boundaries.


Facilitator: Alicia Hilligas and Leslie Lee- High School

Title: Rise Up and Straighten Your Crown Sister: How to deal with difficult situations and build resilience.

Description: In the last few years we have all experienced a global pandemic and many of us have experienced personal difficulties in addition to that. In this workshop we will discuss individuals who have risen above difficult situations and take away their lessons on perseverance. We will also learn ways to be resilient in the face of setbacks.

Facilitator: Elizabeth Buchholtz, Zakariyah Hill and Sariah Thames- Middle School

Title: Social Safety

Description: Create awareness around the scope of our youth’s representation, communication,

safety, and security within the realm of social media and society as a whole.



Facilitator: Bridget Cravens- Neely

Title: Keeping Your Crown Polished

Description: As mentors, we are role models. Always being watched. Staying polished is important to be a model for behavior that we need our young ladies to demonstrate.

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