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To see confident young women valuing themselves as equal contributors to society overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of their success


Stimulate, Activate and Engage

To provide tools and resources that encourage girls, and women to actualize their potential making the impossible, possible so they can begin to create change in their community


Seek to encourage young women to be the best them they can be while being the trailblazer who creates paths for success

We intentionally address the issues hindering young women from academic, social, psychological, and economical success


Selling yourself, presenting yourself in a professional manner, how to effectively utilize your network 



Address academic achievement and excellence in an academic setting



Target confidence, self-esteem, self-love

Financially: Address workplace 

disparities, managing finances and leveraging your network, Love yourself, Set Goals, 

Surround yourself with positive people 


Be Approachable:

• Body Language

• Appearance

• Communication


Facilitator: Paula Bell

Title: "Imagine Me...Leading the Masses": Empowering Young Women for Leadership Triumph

Description: "Imagine Me...Leading the Masses" is an empowering workshop, designed to ignite a passion for leadership and equip our young queens with the skills to be catalysts for positive change in their communities and beyond. In this interactive we will focus on: Objective 1: Fostering Self-Discovery and Confidence At the heart of this transformative experience is the commitment to cultivating self-discovery and confidence among young women. Participants will embark on a journey of self-reflection, uncovering their unique strengths and talents. The first objective is to foster a deep sense of self-assurance, empowering these young leaders to stand tall, speak with conviction, and navigate challenges with resilience. By envisioning themselves as confident leaders, they will be better prepared to take on leadership roles both in school and in their communities. Objective 2: Cultivating Collaborative Leadership Skills The second objective revolves around cultivating collaborative leadership skills. Recognizing the power of teamwork and inclusivity. The young women will learn how to lead with empathy and build supportive networks, fostering an environment where everyone's voice is heard and valued. The goal is to equip these emerging leaders with the ability to collaborate effectively, thereby creating a ripple effect of unity and shared success in their future endeavors. Objective 3: Inspiring Social Responsibility and Community Impact The third objective is to instill a passion for making a difference, motivating participants to identify and address issues within their communities. By envisioning themselves as leaders who contribute to the greater good, these young women will leave the workshop with a sense of purpose and a commitment to creating positive change in the world around them.


Facilitators: Emani DuBoise-Neeley / DeTaija Nelson

Title: Imagine Me: A Leader in My Community

Description: Leaders are firm in their identity. Leaders are aware of their gifts and passions. Leaders are confident in their speaking and leaders are willing to ask for help. This workshop will guide middle school girls in activities that will help them see and step into their full potential.


Facilitators: Valerie Jones / Leslie Lee

Title: Imagine Me Being About My Business

Description: Shop! Shop! Shop! While shopping, we will dive into the why behind being chosen to bring your brand to the table. Understanding the why is essential to financial stability. This workshop will identify what makes YOU the un-expendable resource, build on your strengths, and empower you to be execute YOU with excellence. The goal is to influence the consumer to believe what you already know...YOU are the most essential asset in the room!


Facilitator: Jontae Waiters / Aniya Ewing

Title: Imagine Me a Billionaire

Description: The workshop is based on the efforts and work of honey bees. Students are assigned a task that teaches teamwork, efficiency, budgeting, creativity, and math with great prizes.


Facilitator: Jessica Rabon

Title: Imagine Me... Being Me and Free, Academically

Description: While there are discipline disparity reform efforts to decrease the disparities between white and black boys, Black girls are the most at-risk student group in the United States. Black girls’ discipline rates are not far behind the nation's lead, Black boys. What should be looked at as giddy and hyper behavior in an adolescent or teen girl is labeled as suspicious, disrespectful, and unruly when coming from Black female students. Understanding that Black girls are stamped by educators with biased viewpoints of their behavior, which affects the mental health and academic growth of Black female students, will open the conversation as to how to navigate the system and create a space within their current and future learning communities. This workshop will address some of Black girls' myths about education and discipline and create a space to release past experiences and embrace individual corks as they learn to be “Me and Free, academically.”

Facilitator: Claudia Brandie Young

Title: Imagine Me…Beyond What You Can See

Description: Your academic success should be based on your abilities toward possibilities not your outward appearance. Too often educators have the tendency to decide what you can do without working on relationships to understand all that you bring into the classroom. Participants will create a cube which represents their multifaceted social identities that are part of their academic success. Young women will use the cube to (re)write a short story (poem) about who they are, not just what they look to be. Since there is power in numbers, they will use their individual story to build a collective voice of what young women of color can be. The cube can serve as an empowerment reminder that they have permission to show up in all academic spaces with each part of who they say they are versus what the world deems them to be.


Facilitator: Victoria Knight

Title: Imagine Me... Loving Myself and Loving Others

Description: This workshop will address hate speech and negative thoughts towards ourselves and others. We will define what it means to love ourselves and others genuinely and the steps to do so. With special guests and unique activities, this workshop will help you move toward a successful future.


Facilitator: Kourtney Perry / Naomi Thames

Title: Imagine Me...My Authentic Self

Description: This workshop is focused on cultivating positivity, fostering thought awareness, embracing failures as valuable lessons, and building a strong support system. This interactive and engaging workshop aims to equip young girls with the tools and mindset necessary to navigate the challenges of adolescence with confidence and resilience.


Facilitator: Alicia Hilligas / Gabrielle Owens-Logan

Title: Imagine me...Healed

Description: Suicide has become a major social concern and one of the leading causes of death among youth. In this workshop we will bring awareness to the subject by discussing how many teens are affected each year. We will discuss the common risk factors that can cause a person to consider suicide. In addition we will learn about the warning signs associated with suicide and how to keep yourself and others safe. It is the hope of the workshop that students walk away with information that offers an understand of this leading cause of death, tools to help break down the stigma and what they can do to help prevent this in their community.

Facilitator: Liz Buchholtz / Zakariyah Hill / Sariah Thames

Title: Imagine Me: Being The Ultimate Influencer

Description: Unlock the power of social media to shape your life and reach your goals. Learn to create a positive influence and maintain a suitable digital footprint for success.



Facilitator: Annissa Roland / Victoria Williams

Title: Imagine Me Being Brave

Description: Mentors will explore times in their lives where they felt like they were and were not brave. Discussions about defining bravery, self-talk, and affirmations will focus their reflections on when they have been brave. Activities in this session include role play, journaling, graffiti discussions and an affirmation mirror.

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