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To see confident young women valuing themselves as equal contributors to society overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of their success


Stimulate, Activate and Engage

To provide tools and resources that encourage girls, and women to actualize their potential making the impossible, possible so they can begin to create change in their community


Seek to encourage young women to be the best them they can be while being the trailblazer who creates paths for success

We intentionally address the issues hindering young women from academic, social, psychological, and economical success


Selling yourself, presenting yourself in a professional manner, how to effectively utilize your network 



Address academic achievement and excellence in an academic setting



Target confidence, self-esteem, self-love

Financially: Address workplace 

disparities, managing finances and leveraging your network, Love yourself, Set Goals, 

Surround yourself with positive people 


Be Approachable:

• Body Language

• Appearance

• Communication

Monday March 1, 2021 WORKSHOPS

Facilitator: Shanna L. Howell, Ph.D

Title: How to put the L.E.A.D. into Leadership: Key Steps to becoming a leader in all areas of your life.

During this workshop, participants will learn the acronyms for L.E.A.D that they can use in their everyday life. This workshop will cause for audience participation, music and videos will be used and a great dialogue to get them engaged. Four key points will be shared, and participants will learn how to use them at all times.

Facilitator: Eugenia Kutsch-Stanton and Amicha Garret

Title: No Code-Switching Authentic Leadership

Code switching the modification of one’s behavior, appearance, etc., to adapt to different sociocultural norms. This session in an interactive exploration into leading authentically across all aspects of our lives. We will examine the principles of servant leadership and how to apply them through our core values eliminating the idea of code-switching.


Facilitators: Council Woman, Raquishia Harrington

Title: The Leader Within!

Description: Are you a natural leader, or do you tend to take a back seat? Learn how can you lead others and be a contributing team player from any role.  Discover new ways to accomplish personal goals with achievable steps and ways to cope when things don’t go according to plan. How will your mindset change when you are faced with uncertainty or failure? Most importantly, how will you use your personal story as inspiration for others. Take a journey and build a new sense of perseverance and “grit” for sticking with your goals!

Tuesday March 2, 2021 WORKSHOPS

Facilitator: Sophia Sledge, Ashley Holman

Title: True Identity: What’s Really Real & Maintaining Your Authenticity in a Social Media World

Description: This group session will explore your identity and the portrayal of your authentic self on Social Media. We will talk about the importance of Social Media etiquette and the impact it may have on your relationships with your friends, family, influencers, and those you don’t know.


We will also discuss using the different platforms to express who you really are and the importance of being yourself along with highlighting ways to positively use the platforms to maintain relationships, connect to new individuals and organizations and build strong long-lasting relationships.


We will explore how the world is seen through your eyes but more importantly is what you see really real, and is your image portrayal the real version of your authentic self? Are the things we see on social media really the truth? Do the effects have a positive or negative vibe? Does it matter?

Facilitator: Matoya Woods, Willow Johnson 

Title: Do I know you?!

Description: Over the course of the last 20 years this world has evolved at a rate that cannot be calculated and documented holistically. To capture every step of the digital revolution as we know it would be nearly impossible. As soon as we get accustomed to one digital platform, another one has been created to address a need/desire that was not addressed by another digital creator. With this rate of evolution, it leaves gaps in security, safety measures against predators and leaves the humans to their own devices.

We see this with the increasing number of fake accounts on social media, scammers, those conducting illegal transactions, identity theft, increasing gang activity and sex trafficking that social media platforms are used to conduct this business.

This presentation will explore the number of platforms that are available for users. The social media platforms that are best for business ventures, keeping up with friends and can be used for fun post, what you should post, Privacy and Security and what you should be aware of when posting.

Facilitators: Dr. Annissa Roland, Victoria Williams

Title: Seasons of Friendship
Description :Reflect on your friendships using the T.R.E.E. (Through Reflection Examine Every) Friendship Method created by Miss Victoria Williams. Using metaphors, we will define types of friendships, the seasons of relationships, and safe ways to handle relationships. Participants, please have an electronic picture of a special tree and use as your virtual background.

Facilitators: Tracy Duran- Rachael Jackson- Heaven Washington

Title: Exploring Your Unique Identities

Explore your unique identities to create a strong sense of self-awareness as you gain an understanding of how your social identities impact your successes and challenges. Build intercultural competency to combat stereotypes and build your confidence. 

Wednesday March 3, 2021 WORKSHOPS


Facilitator:Paula Bell and Raina

Title: The Tongue is Sharper than a Two-Edged Sword - Are you SHARPENING or CUTTING?

 There is POWER in the TONGUE!  Words have power, and the words spoken can either speak LIFE or DEATH into your environment.  How are you using your words?  Are your words tearing yourself, and others down, or building up.  The choice is ultimately yours on what words you use.  You control the words that come out of your mouth.  You also control what words you allow others to speak over you.  There are many of us walking around in life in bondage to words others have spoken over us.  In some cases we don’t even realize it.  Then we carry these words with us into adulthood and wonder why may have challenges or obstacles.  Don’t let this be you.  It’s time you take your power back and start speaking words of affirmation over your life, and those of others you interact with.  During this interactive workshop you will learn the benefits of choosing your words wisely, how to choose your words wisely, and you will start building affirmations you can start speaking into your life immediately.


Facilitator: LaShaina Starks

Title: "MeMe Got Pushed Into Purpose"

Description: Through telling an inspired story of a young lady who endured emotional and physical abuse...and her bravery to reveal it at a critical time; key life tools will be identified to help young ladies recognize negative energy, shift it, and rebalance their mindset so that they can flourish in emotional wellness. 

Thursday March 4, 2021 WORKSHOPS

Facilitators:Claudia “Brandie” Young and Jurmanee Ewing

Title: I AM...not your stereotype

Who decides which skin tone is poppin’?
What messages define you?
Where do these ideas come from?
Why is it still an issue?
When do WE say, “no- not cool”?
How can you express your “I AM”?

The purpose of this workshop is to bring awareness about skin tone bias that will disrupt the intragroup oppression of colorism. Through engagement and discussion of their lived experiences participants will create their “I AM” statement challenging mainstream ideas about skin tone while creating a culture of solidarity.


Facilitator: Dianne Siasoco and Zakiya McPherson

Title:Tap into Your Inner Strengths

Each person has their own unique skills and strengths. In this workshop, we'll do some activities that will help you to listen to your own voice and let it guide you on your educational journey. 


Facilitator: Alicia Hilligas, Kiya Lytle

Title: Ignore the haters. Wake up every day and be the best you can be.

Description: Michelle Obama is an author, attorney and first African-American First Lady who advises to ignore the haters in your life. Being the very best that you can be will shut them up. The best that you can be starts with academic excellence. We will discuss various inspiring quotes from Michelle Obama and learn ways to achieve excellence in the classroom and outside the classroom.

Facilitator: Karmen Long

Title: Preparing Students for Successful Transitions: Middle School | High School |College

The road from middle school to high school to college can be bumpy, often filled with obstacles and unknowns that can affect student's success. This session will discuss tips on how to transition smoothly and provide insight from the student perspective.

Friday March 5, 2021 WORKSHOPS

Facilitator: Alexis Davis

Title: Is Your Bag Secure?! Financial Education for the Women of Today

Providing Financial Literacy resources and skills to prepare young women for the realities of personal finance.


Facilitator:Shannon Simone Sellers 

Title:Spending with Purpose: How to Align Your Values with your Money Habits

This workshop will teach young queens how to prepare for their future, by learning how to spend their money in ways that align with what they truly value in life. This workshop encourages young queens to live the lifestyle that they want by teaching money management skills that highlight priorities, saving strategies and how to identify emotional spending habits, so that they can spend money with purpose that reflects the crown that they wear. 

Facilitator: Debra Carr and Maleigha Page

Title: “EmPower HER” Becoming Financially “Lit”

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how your attitudes, values and beliefs inform your actions

  • Understand how these beliefs influence your behavior

  • Identify (2) thought strategies you can use to achieve your financial and life goals

Brief Workshop Description

Our minds are important wealth-building tools when used in a powerful way.  Conquering your mindset around money can set-you up for financial freedom, stability, and prosperity for today and your future. Knowing your worth and having the insight to focus your thoughts on things that expand your worth brings unlimited opportunity. 

In this workshop, you will learn more about who you are today and your unique core beliefs about money. When you learn more about your attitudes, values, and beliefs you can discover how to drive your thoughts and actions towards achieving your goals. 

Let’s dive in to discover how your emotions influences your thoughts, feelings and actions about money and positively position yourself for through your journey of becoming financially “Lit.”

Facilitators: Charmian Aaron, Aria Burnside 

Title: You Have A Gift.. USE IT!

Description: From “Problem Child” to Master Baker - Entrepreneurship is within your reach.

Saturday March 6, 2021


Facilitator: RizanTorhala

Title: Want To Serve Your Community? Build A Network

How do you connect your passion to community impact? This session will dive into ways you can problem solve together with your network and also find new people to do good with. Serving your community is a very rewarding experience, but how do you find the places you want to serve in? Join us to learn how being social can be fun while also improving the world around you.

Facilitator: Heather Jones

Title: Want To Serve Your Community? Build A Network

Description: How do you connect your passion to community impact? This session will dive into ways you can problem solve together with your network and also find new people to do good with. Serving your community is a very rewarding experience, but how do you find the places you want to serve in? Join us to learn how being social can be fun while also improving the world around you.