Perform Well: Youth Education in Arts & Culture

This initiative will utilize arts and culture to assess and address the challenges that our youth, 6-18 years old, must overcome to develop successfully. Through a series of programs, over a six month period, we will develop their social, economic, academic, cognitive and life skills through education, expression and social engagement. We plan to incentivize the youth through rewards programs that include, but are not limited to stipends, vouchers and scholarships giving us opportunity to introduce them to positive financial habits as well. The purpose of this project is to encourage and equip youth to "Perform Well" in all aspects of their lives. Our vision is a safer and more vibrant community with confident and competent youth contributing to the success of Iowa's culture.

Community needs will be met by addressing symptoms of hopelessness such as  social disparities; academic achievement gaps; poverty, hunger, mental illness; lack of cultural proficiency; lack of access to opportunities that yield success; juvenile delinquent recidivism and community deterioration due to vandalism. Many reports state that these symptoms of hopelessness have a negative effect on society as a whole. By targeting the youth we hope to prevent unfortunate or even fatal outcomes while breaking generational cycles of unhealthy lifestyles and cultures.

This project's focus is on youth development with an emphasis on life skills and is designed to encourage individuals to identify their roles in society; take responsibility for their actions and hold themselves accountable for their outcomes.  In order to address the community needs our overall goal must be to enhance their character; improve their performance; raise their level of achievement and maintain their self sufficiency.

We pride ourselves on giving youth a voice and allowing them to cope by bringing awareness to their challenges and triumphs. Throughout this project we'll host multiple events that showcase the youth and their talents. Not only will our clients be showcasing, they will be hosting, facilitating and working behind the scenes gaining trade skills and professional etiquette. The goal is to build their confidence and self-worth so that they can begin to find themselves and their roles in society.

We have come to the realization that true successful outcomes may require multiple solutions so we thrive off of collaborations. In the case that our clients require services beyond our threshold, we are prepared to reach out to our community partners and initiate access to resources that can help youth and their families overcome challenges that may be hindering them from focusing on their passions, interpersonal development or successfully obtaining a standard of life where they can be an assets to society like poverty, hunger or mental illness,.

We help youth find their purpose within their passions and talents then support them in making their passions their priority. We believe that by allowing them to operate within their purpose they will thrive in their pursuit of happiness. We hope that while focusing on their passion the youth will be less likely to indulge in delinquent behavior or revert to unhealthy lifestyles.

"Monumental outcomes!" We also like to take on community beautification projects. This gives our clients the opportunity to lend themselves to a greater cause while building their self esteem and encouraging them to take  pride in their communities because their expressions of art  are on display to be viewed by the masses and stand as monuments of their success.

Artist Development

Sound Engineering

Music composition

Music production

Creative Writing


Digital Distribution

Pro Skills




Resource Development

Opportunity Awareness

Maximizing Opportunities

Entrepreneurial Skills


Writing Mechanics

Creative Writing




Emotional intelligence

Academic Skills






Time Management

Corporate Etiquette


Position and Timing

Success Habits

Conflict Resolution

Healthful Living

Public Speaking

Dress for Success

Social Etiquette

The Process

Social Skills