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MSC21 Overview



noun: colour

  1. the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light.

  2. pigmentation of the skin, especially as an indication of someone's race.

Hip-Hope's 4th Annual "Many Shades of Colour Young Women's Conference" will

host 25 educational workshops for 480 young women, 6th-12th grade and 120 mentors through

an online virtual experience on Monday March 1, 2021 -March 5, 2021 5:30-7:45 and Saturday

March 6, 2021 from 11:00 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. The conference is designed to intentionally address

the issues hindering young women’s academic, social, psychological, and economical success. It

includes presentations and interactive workshops, facilitated by accomplished women who are

community leaders, educators, and corporate professionals.

Throughout this six day event we will be focusing on topics such as leadership, team building, academic achievement, self-worth, financial responsibility, goal setting, cultural competency / awareness, emotional intelligence and obligations of citizenship. The funds donated by sponsors will go towards online virtual experience such as: production of the event, layout of the website, integration of

multiple platforms, live streaming of conference on multiple platforms, management of technology and preproduction of content, video documentary and qualitative data.


We not only pour love and affirmation into 480 young women, 6-12 grade, at the “Know Your Worth” conferences, we also provide workshops for the women mentors to further enhance their leadership skills. By elevating their thinking to aspire to achieve greater and motivating them to set higher goals for self, thereby motivating those they serve to do the same, we begin creating an empowered “village” of excellence. The mentor workshops educate the women about the obstacles/barriers that are present systemically and culturally and how they affect not only those young women we serve, but also ourselves and how we approach the issues and foster growth. The facilitators encourage crucial conversations, from an educational/research driven standpoint, as well as sharing real life experiences to foster the development of each mentor.


To see confident young women valuing themselves as equal contributors to society overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of their success


Stimulate, Activate and Engage

To provide tools and resources that encourage girls, and women to actualize their potential making the impossible, possible so they can begin to create change in their community


Seek to encourage young women to be the best them they can be while being the trailblazer who creates paths for success

We intentionally address the issues hindering young women from academic, social, psychological, and economical success

Moving from being a Hoop to Help to Hope

Meet Your Co-Chairs

Valora James

Valerie Jones

Valerie Jones Bio

Vice President of Hip Hope Inc.

Co-Chair of the “Know Your Worth” Many Shades of Colour Young Women’s Conference

Owner of Jones Cleaning & Remodeling Services, LLC.

Youth Pastor at Anchored In Truth Ministries, Edwardsville, IL

Founder of Day1withVal & Faith & Wellness Coach in The Wellness Village

Member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

Bachelor of Science Degree, T&C Design, Merchandising, & Production, Iowa State University


Valora’ James founder of Art of Hope Consulting, LLC.was born and raised in Des Moines, IA. She graduated from the Des Moines Public School system. She went on to further her education at William Penn University getting her Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and graduated with a Master degree in Business Leadership. She also graduated from the African American Leadership Academy and currently attending the Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute. Valora’ is employed at Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield where she serves as a Senior Advocate in Customer Service.


Throughout her 15 years and counting she obtained her health and life insurance certification. She is a member of the Wellmark Inclusion and Diversity Council. Her leadership skills in her community and position on Wellmark Inclusion and Diversity Council led her to create and facilitate racial equity workshops to over 700 employees including the Senior Leadership Team and Board of Directors. Through this experience she was able to raise awareness for the impact of racial inequity, create empathy for marginalized groups and help her work community recognize the importance of valuing others.


Valora’ is a huge advocate in the community. She serves as a mentor with Investing In My future (IIMF) a non-profit organization whose mission is to assist parents and students to prepare for education beyond high school by equipping and empowering them with the tools that help them navigate the college preparation and admission process.


September 2016 began her journey with Hip-Hope Inc. a non-profit, as a Secretary on the Executive Board. The nature of her involvement is to carry out Hip-Hope’s mission to utilize arts and culture to promote hope where symptoms of hopelessness are prevalent for under privileged and overchallenged youth in the community In 2017 she became the director of what became Hip-Hope Inc.’s “Know Your Worth” Many Shades of Colour Young Women’s Conference focusing on topics such as leadership, team building, academic achievement, self-worth, financial responsibility, cultural competency, emotional intelligence and obligations of citizenship. Each year Hip-Hope has the pleasure of serving over 400 students and mentors during the young women’s conference


She is the mother of 1 son Geormain and attends Cornerstone Family Church